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Looking for our new home

Checked out the Jayco Conquest low line on a Mercedes long wheelbase chassis. Just what we want. $140,000 new but have seen a second hand one in the deluxe setup with 46000 on the clock for $95.000. Just hope it will still be there when we sell. Looked at the Winnebagos but overpriced and ugly inside. Old fashioned looking. Jayco was much better quality finish. Just got to sell the ponderosa and then we are gone.



Early days but we are going to move the cheese


We are selling the old homestead and all it contains and getting something like this and heading off around this great country of ours for awhile. All hinges on selling our place which we love but feel it’s time for a change. Job looks precarious at the best so nothing to lose and everything to gain. Will miss all our friends but will be back and then have great memories, hopefully, to look back on. Have friends in Adelaide and Queensland so will descend upon them and have always wanted to see Tasmania so will take the Motorhome over on the Spirit of Tasmania and do the island.